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Food habits that are formed during childhood have a big influence on health outcomes on adulthood.

The Back to Basics program helps to expose young children to healthy food to improve their health both now and in the future.

The development of this program has been made possible by the support of:

Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation

Fast Food Challenge


Healthy, homemade meals went head-to-head with their fast-food nemeses when the University of Newcastle Nutrition and Dietetics team hosted its inaugural Fast Food Challenge. See how the pizza, hamburger and fish and chips scored.

Easy Video Recipes

Watch our series of videos produced by the Back to Basics initiative at Newcastle University, featuring recipes that children have cooked in our cooking club, plus  meals for families to cook together at home.

Healthy Eating Quiz

Healthy Eating Quiz

The Healthy Eating Quiz is a general guide, designed to help you rate how healthy your eating habits are. It will help to identify areas in which you are already eating a wide variety of foods and areas where you may be able to improve.

Latest recipes

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