Program outline – ACT

Program goal:

To increase fruit and vegetable intake of parents, children and their families participating in the Back to Basics Cooking Club and Healthy Lifestyle Program

Aim One: Increase child self efficacy- a child’s belief that they have the ability to perform well


  1. Increase children’s knowledge of a variety fruit and vegetables
  2. Increase children’s skills and confidence in selecting, preparing and cooking fruits and vegetables
  3. Enhance children’s confidence to cook fruit and vegetables using simple recipes
  4. Enhance children’s confidence to ask for fruit and vegetables at home


  1. Children to participate in reading recipes an preparing fruit and vegetable based meals
  2. Children encouraged to prepare meals practiced in the sessions at home

Aim Two: Increase environmental social support


  1. Improve access to fruit and vegetables in the home
  2. Improve access to fruit and vegetable based recipes for use in the home
  3. Encourage children and parents to make meals with fruit and vegetables in the home


  1. Provide fruit and vegetable based cooking activities and recipes each week
  2. Parents and children enjoy sharing fruit and vegetable based meals prepared by the children after each session
  3. Parents and children discuss the meal the ingredients and how the meal was prepared

Aim Three: Improve outcome expectations- Physical, Social, Self-evaluative


  1. Increase food preferences for fruit and vegetables
  2. Create awareness of the benefits of fruit and vegetables
  3. Improve self satisfaction and self worth


  1. Increase children’s and parent’s exposure to fruit and vegetables
  2. Cooking program is fun for children and parents
  3. Challenge family beliefs
  4. Goal setting for parents, achievement of goals enhances self satisfaction and self worth



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