The University of Newcastle has a strong reputation for its leading role in emerging research, particularly in the area of nutrition.  The Back to Basics cooking program is an important aspect of our research profile. As children participate in the program we aim to collect data to enable us to evaluate and report on the impacts of the program.

Please note that all data is de-identified and kept confidential.  All cooking club participants are free to choose whether they wish their data to be collected and used for research purposes.

It is essential that you collect consent forms for each participant from the Back to Basics manual or the Facilitators section of this website.


In order to make the program better for participants and program facilitators it is important to conduct assessment and evaluation. Assessment and evaluation is also important to demonstrate how effective your program is at achieving its goals and objectives. There are different kinds of evaluation. The forms and evaluation plan are included in the Back to Basics manual and the Faciliators section of this website.



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About this site…

Food habits that are formed during childhood have a big influence on health outcomes on adulthood.

The Back to Basics program helps to expose young children to healthy food to improve their health both now and in the future.

The development of this program has been made possible by the support of:


Medibank Community Fund

Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation


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