What is Back to Basics?

Back to Basics Cooking Club and Healthy Lifestyle Program is an evidence-based, family focused, healthy lifestyle program with an after-school cooking club for children.

The program aims to

  1. Increase children’s and their families dietary intake of fruit and vegetables
  2. Increased children’s and their families awareness and familiarity of healthy eating, with a particular focus on fruits and vegetables
  3. Increase children’s skills and confidence in selecting, preparing and cooking fruits and vegetables
  4. Increase environmental support for easier access to fruits and vegetables for children and their families
  5. Increase children’s self efficacy (belief in their abilities)

The Back to Basics program involves five cooking sessions designed to run every two weeks over one school term. Each session runs for approximately one and a half hours.

The sessions begin with the children’s cooking activities. Parents attend the final half hour and participate in specially designed parent activities. At the end of each session the parents and children enjoy the meal together as a group.

Session Recipe  Topic Parent Activity
Session 1 Assessment 1 Crunchy Crostini’s Why food? What are the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables? Identify health benefits of fruits and vegetables.
Session 2 Fruit Salad and smoothie Getting the balance right- How much food should my child eat? View a day of healthy food.
Session 3 English muffin Pizza’s Family food habits Reading food Labels
Session 4 Bush BeefStir Fry Goal setting/monitoring Setting a personal and family goal
Session 5 Assessment 2 Apple Berry crumble Congratulations- Evaluation and feedback



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About this site…

Food habits that are formed during childhood have a big influence on health outcomes on adulthood.

The Back to Basics program helps to expose young children to healthy food to improve their health both now and in the future.

The development of this program has been made possible by the support of:


Medibank Community Fund

Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation


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